Convenience - Key to Enhancing Customer Experience

Satrajit Bhattacharya, Head-IT, Future Group India | Monday, 09 October 2017, 06:53 IST

Customers want conveni­ence on their terms, not yours.

With busier sched­ules and comfort with ecommerce, customers are choosing those brands who pro­vide convenience in the way they like – not the other way around. If you are among these brands, then you understand that customers want convenience on their terms, not yours.

The survey found that 80 percent of respondents stated that new payment methods, such as prepaid cards, electronic transfers and even mobile devices, have made the buying process easier. This is forcing businesses in the B2C and B2B sectors to look at their point-of-sales technology for potential improvements to meet customer expectations, especially as ecommerce continues to grow in popularity

In this post we will cover the need for customer convenience as an important element in the customer experience that you deliver as a brand. But why something so seemingly simple like convenience is a critical benchmark for a great customer experience? There are a few good reasons!

It saves time: Time is money, something we’ve been taught since we were in school. Well, today, a customer’s time is your money. The faster he’ll be able to complete a transaction, the higher your sales.

It encourages buying: A convenient option of sourcing their desired product or service – such as grocery shopping on a tablet – encourages the customer to shop more without having to physically exert themselves.

It changes perception: The more convenient options your customers have, the more they will perceive you to be a trustworthy retailer, thus increasing their loyalty towards your brand.

It is imperative that as a business, you are willing to go that extra mile to satisfy your customers. The obvious benefit of this is winning the trust of your consumer, besides building higher brand recall, ultimately helping you set the foundation for a long-term relationship.

As a result of this new outlook of consumers, the marketing value of the company has totally changed, in which a dynamic environment creates difficulty for marketers to please the demanding current customers and future potential consumers. Convenience plays a major role in today’s marketing environment, as it facilitates the reach of products to customers in simple and easy, yet engaging manner. The loss of convenience in the value of the organization becomes a liability in reaching customers. For this fact, most marketers are always looking for ways to make customer engagement more effective and convenient. Right now, stores like WalMart and JC Penny use advanced technologies to speed up the lane checkout process to avoid adding burden to the shopping experience of the customers. In this quest for a better market environment, the real value is placed on how to lure or attract customers to return and how to acquire new customers for the business.

Without the counterpoint of complexity, we could not recognize simplicity when we see it. Our eyes and senses thrive, and sometimes recoil, whenever we experience differences. Acknowledging contrast helps to identify qualities that we desire—which are often subject to change

Like India’s retailing pioneer is planning another first in an industry now spoilt for choice: Loyalty-driven convenience stores. The Future Group, which brought organised retailing to India, will open in the next four years about 10,000 convenience stores where member-shoppers will get more discounts than those offered by brick-and-mortar chains such as D’Mart, or online rivals Amazon and Flipkart, which recently entered groceries.

"No one can match the prices we will offer. We have built the entire ecosystem such as logistics, partnership with FMCG companies and customer database around the stores. The concept is a hybrid between the kirana (neighbourhood) store, connected commerce and large supermarket," said Kishore Biyani, CEO, Future Group.

Like Appointments Scheduler can be configured easily, and if need be extended, matching with your business needs. It can quickly be personalized to improve the "look and feel" features such as adding your logo, background themes and color combinations without adversely affecting the application's core functionality. You can even distribute customized reports to your clients, partners as well as internal resources.

Like Integration of Appointments Scheduler, especially the Calendar feature with any of the publicly available and used systems such as Open Office, Outlook, Evolution, Thunderbird, iCal, Google Calendar, etc, is made easy. In addition, this Application operates on any of the browsers as well as smart phones as the front end is built on a mobile-ready template

So we can sum like convenience is continuing as a key driver in loyalty for most customers. With busier schedules and comfort with ecommerce, customers are choosing those brands who provide convenience in the way they like – not the other way around. Convenience, according to Merriam-Webster, is “something (as an appliance, device, or service) conducive to comfort or ease.”

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