Better Project Efficiencies through Better Basic Implementations

By Manish Sinha, Head IT, Vectus Industries

"As lot of technology is moving on cloud and most of the activities are getting outsourced then why does an IT Manager OR CIO' Fail?

We have to understand that we are dealing with tech­nology but same time we should not forget that only human beings will make technology usage successful or unsuccessful so here we have to understand the human mind as well.

As a human being we have to understand why do we negotiate with vegetable sellers but when it comes to technology we cannot impose our favorite technology usage on end users.

Sometimes it's a different case when management gives a push to technology usage of their choice and one fine day decides to switch over from vendor A to vendor B just because vendor B offers solution with free promo­tions.

If these are the signs then definitely the CIO should think and do some introspection as it could damage the complete IT Ecosystem of the organization.

On the other side there are times when CIO thinks that he is doing his best for both the organization and end users but still he faces im­plementation challenges and project failures. Major Projects fail when you do not treat your human re­sources like humans. Putting unnec­essary timeline pressures, choosing wrong timelines, always placing management across the table for scolding teams or always giving an impression that “I have done my job but people are not doing it”.

These are sure shot formulas of failure instead of these ones should do some introspection about his in­dividual acceptability in his or her own team, cross departments, at plants etc. how seriously he or she gets involved when a user’s calls comes, no matter how small issue is but people have a right to approach you in the organization when they face problem in IT systems usage.

You have to analyze your com­munication style, how many times do you cut the call of users just be­cause they are on the wrong escala­tion path, how many times you took the initiative of reaching out to the user community and built a personal touch?

Both CIO and Management have to give it a second thought on the project’s cost-cutting in terms of hu­man values and welfare will destroy the project, it’s about running busi­ness on the shoulders of the team and it will not sustain if the team is starving at one hand and supporting business on the other hand. When users goes the extra mile then the corporation and CIO should also go extra mile to serve these human be­ings.

This could also be seen in terms of social media revolution- earlier it was not there and now even govern­ments are using these tools in their election-winning strategy.

If you have established your credibility among your organization stakeholders then people will work round the clock to make the project successful.

Ways to Increase Efficiencies

Focus on Innovative integration- Having a social touch, for example running schemes and promotions on mobile platforms and its integra­tion with mobile wallet- to give cash back- gives you an edge when people relate social and a common platform to work importance. This, in turn, in­creases acceptability of your solution and approach. This could be roved, remember last time when you did a transaction and got instant cash back- that reflected in your mind about the gain- and next time you yourself would use and promote that platform, same is applicable for pro­ject implementation across different milestones.

Identify areas in business pro­cess not in IT department- which are clueless about technology and could ease pain of users with simple steps of technology. Here if you have treated well your partner, without asking him to sit on the reception desk, just to show power of your chair, the same partner could stand behind you, when you discuss inno­vative ideas and demand extra hours working.

Deliver at Rocket Speed –People do not have patience and if you are able to build your story correctly and give realistic timelines then you would fail for sure. But once you got to achieve that, it increases your respect among users, management, and partners and also in the market. Do not get victimized by the “How Can I or I did everything correctly”- if it was correct then why did the project fail? another expertise we have to get with time is collabora­tion. Collaboration of ideas, people, management, and market. We use OLA/Uber app daily and feel the benefits but have we ever tried to become like that while running our IT department as a service? Do we try to take care of every customer and that makes business more successful which project success.

If there are correct implementa­tions in these areas then definitely you will be in demand for sure, business look for the people who are known for deliveries rather than people who are known for their de­grees. Our past has great examples of that like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and many others.

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